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Nurturing the Sprout of Bhakti

The second phase of cultivating Bhakti are present in courses 4 – 6. These are essential in maintaining the ground for your “sprout of bhakti.” This achievement is awarded to those who have completed courses 4 -6 in their entirety. This includes:

  • Completing all of the quizzes for the above courses
  • Completing all of the assignments for the above courses
  • Completing assessment #2

By earning this badge you will have shown competence in the cultivation of bhakti by learning essential bhajans, essential verses from the Bhagavad-gita, and completing select readings.

3 Required Steps

  1. Completed course “Verse Memorization”
  2. Completed course “Select Readings”
  3. Completed course “Prasadam Preparation”